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Artesanías Romi

Esponjabon Hydrating Cucumber-Melon Soap Sponge

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Cucumber-Melon soap with integrated sponge 2-in-1 integrated sponge soap formulated with Cucumber-Melon to hydrate the skin. -For all skin types -Clinically proven -Moisturizing properties -Unique in the market -Cleanses, moisturizes and softens the skin -For daily use -2 in 1 -Not tested on animals -Made with Cucumber-Melon -The soap dissolves on contact with water and allows the use of the sponge -Glycerin-based soap on the outside -Sponge with soft texture inside Instructions: -Moisten the soap with a built-in sponge -Use on your skin as you would a conventional soap -We recommend giving circular massages all over the skin -Once finished rinse and leave in a dry place -In case of irritation discontinue use -Avoid contact with the eyes, if this happens rinse with plenty of cold water